Refinishing, Repairing and Restoring Furniture

Three Great Reasons to Get Replacement Chair Covers

Replacement chair covers are a great option for anyone who loves their favourite armchair but no longer loves how it looks. This article aims to explain three simple reasons that you should consider getting replacement chair covers, along with how they'll benefit you. Improve Your Sitting Experience Sometimes sitting on your chair, whether it's an armchair or a dining chair, doesn't feel as good as it used to. Perhaps you'd prefer a softer, smoother material to sit on, or maybe you'd like to hide a cushion or foam pad out of sight. Read More 

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

In the past, small balconies, decks, and patios did not receive much thought from homeowners. They were used merely as storage spaces, but not as outdoor relaxation areas. However, it has changed today as homeowners and apartment dwellers continue to understand the benefits of outdoor living. Unfortunately, most people still struggle with fitting outdoor furniture into tight spaces. If you are trying to create the perfect arrangement on your small patio, this article provides some useful ideas. Read More 

Characteristics That Make Wicker Chairs Functional In Any Space

When in the market for furniture, you will be inundated by a myriad of options. From leather to hardwood, upholstered to plastic, you have a range of choices to select from depending on your budget. However, one type of furniture that is typically relegated to the outdoors but is highly functional indoors, too, is wicker. Wicker chairs may have been around for decades, but is just recently that they have witnessed a progressive rise in demand. Read More 

The process involved in furniture design

When a person decides to buy furniture, they go out into the market to search for the best furniture, with the best design. The furniture you see placed out in the open for people to buy are a result of a very precise design process. Making and designing furniture requires time and precision. Bearing this in mind, the following two major steps are put into consideration. Coming up with the design Read More 

4 Reasons to Pick a Bed With Drawers Over an Ottoman

Your bed will probably be the largest and most expensive piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it makes sense to use the area underneath the bed for a little extra storage. If you're looking for a storage bed, you'll have two main options. Either: Drawers: Drawers are positioned on each side of the bed, usually two per side. Ottoman: The top section can be pivoted up, revealing one large storage area beneath the mattress. Read More